Aug 132016

There are two important new tabs on our website.

The first “SERCM” is a page of information about the newly established SER Connectional Ministries.

The second new tab “MinistryDev&Cred” is a page with information on Ministry Development and Credentialing.  Under this tab, you will find a subordinate tab “Printable Documents for MD&C Candidates” which contains an ordered list of resources necessary for navigating the Conference Ministerial Candidate and Outcome Based Ordination process.

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Feb 092016

We have added two new “drop down” tabs under the “Current News” main tab for the website, so that you can quickly and easily access these two resources which are being emailed monthly from FMC headquarters.

You can now access the current FMC Monthly Newsletter, as well as archived newsletters, right from our site here:

FMC Monthly Newsletter


You can also access FMC COO Larry Roberts’ periodic email communications here:

Larry Roberts Updates

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Aug 202014

Here you will find information about the REQUIP Institute, coming January 26-31, 2015, in Orlando, Florida.  “An incarnational ministry partnership of the South Atlantic Conference and the Orlando Fellowship of the Free Methodist Church.”

Click HERE to View the Brochure for the Institute


Go to the link below to register for the conference:

Register at


For a news release about this event:

Click HERE to View the REQUIP News Release


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