Welcome to the homepage for the Southeast Region of the Free Methodist Church.  You will find many resources here, including information and opportunities for ministry in the conferences which comprise this area. Check out the many links provided for your use.

Darrel pic NaCDThree Conferences, One Leader

The Southeast Region (SER) is a geographically broad area including three conferences. The SER is comprised of Anglo, Brazilian, Haitian and Hispanic congregations. The regional and cultural diversity of the area creates a rich environment for collaboration and outreach.

I encourage those visiting this website in search of vocational opportunities or seeking stateside missions opportunities to a particular ethnic group or relief area, to contact me. You can literally reach the world from the SER. There are a multitude of opportunities available to you and your congregation from one-time experiences, to limited partnerships, to long-term relationships.

Supt. Darrel Riley

2465 Torrens Dr.
Lakeland FL 33805
Office: 863-337-4457
Office email: priley661@gmail.com
Supt. email: seregionfmc@aim.com

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